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Lady Loreon Vigne dies at age 82

Friday, July 18th, 2014 | Posted by


Photo by Thor Of'Isis

Photo by Thor Of’Isis

Isis Oasis 
Archpriestess Lady Loreon Vigne died at age 82, Tuesday July 15, 2014.

Lady Loreon Vigne was a successful business woman who brought an animal sanctuary, Egyptian Temple and retreat center to the agricultural town of Geyserville.  She brought new ideas and welcomed all to be a part of her journey by opening Isis Oasis one Sunday a month to visitors.

A local Geyserville personality, Vigne opened her Isis Oasis home to the community for many years.

Vigne started a program welcoming classrooms of children from Sonoma County and beyond to teach them about the once endangered animals and their unique home at the Geyserville sanctuary.  Last month, Vigne hosted the Geyserville Chamber of Commerce’s end of year dinner with a surprise guest, a snake dancer wrapped in a 20-foot live snake.

LL.3 stained glassLady Loreon Vigne’s artistic career started in San Francisco where she was an artist and crafts person. Lady Loreon Vigne was married to the late San Francisco beat era film maker, Dion Vigne who died in 1970.

Vigne created a line of giftware and jewelry called Noir Enamelcraft. Her gallery specialized in enamels and stained glass was located in downtown San Francisco.Isis Oasis

Lady Loreon had a collection of exotic Ocelot cats at her home and workshop on Isis Street in San Francisco. When the regulations against owning exotic cats in San Francisco  were imposed, Lady Loreon moved to Geyserville to provide a new home for her exotic cats.

Isis Street was one more thread in the woven cloth of  the Isis Oasis beginning.  Lady Loreon had a series of other encounters with the Goddess Isis, and decided to transform the property into an Egyptian themed retreat center.

LL2Vigne personally created the stained glass pieces all over the property, and built enclosures for her cats and exotic birds she began to acquire. Over time the animal sanctuary was born. 

Now, 34 years later Isis Oasis has provided a place for artists to be creative and groups to use the space for  retreats, workshops, weddings, concerts, and myriad other activities.

Vigne was an author and poet, with past speaking engagements at the Wells Fargo Center, local bookstores and Isis Oasis.

Lady Loreon leaves a living legacy in Geyserville, Isis Oasis.

  • http://www.temple-of-ka-ren.com/ karen alexander (aka LADYGOLD)

    LADY LOREON was my Egyptian mother so to speak. The many many times I spent up at Isis Oasis are such warm, comforting memories for me and she welcomed me and my dance group, The Nefer Dancers, with open arms and generosity. She was an extraordinary woman who built an ‘empire’ right there in little Geyserville. I will forever miss her. Safe travels on the Wings of Isis to the Gates of the Horizon.

  • Ryan

    I was raised LDS. I never bought into it. Hearing stories like this reminds me why. To imagine speaking with Isis brings a smile to my face. Then I consider the snowball effect all leading up to a beautiful finale every time.

    Rest in peace Lady. Peace be with you.

  • Diana

    A great woman, giving shelter and love to animals and people, Isis Oasis is a living legacy of her vision of a kind, Mother Earth-honoring community and sanctuary that has been a spiritual destination for many seeking to reconnect with the ancient Isis, Goddess of 10,000 names. She was loved by many and will be missed beyond measure.

  • Brigette Mansell

    The Isis Oasis hosted many significant celebrations in my life. My 30th and 40th birthday parties. My husband’s 50th birthday party. I brought my girl scout troop to sit under the tree with Loreon and listen to her stories, meet her cats, and learn the history of the setting, the property of this Geyserville sanctuary. Loreon was a gentle woman with great compassion and love for balance and connection and expression. We lived across the street from the Isis and I will always feel Loreon’s and Paul’s presence in Geyserville and the Oasis they created and sustained.

  • Naomi Ozaniec

    I am sad to hear the news of the passing of another Great Soul, but I know that Loreon knows the way home. Her life was such a blessing to so many others. I met Loreon at the World Parliament of Religions in Chicago so many years ago now, yet it feels just like yesterday and though we never had the opportunity to meet again, her work and achievement remain an outstanding inspiration.
    Thank you Loreon, for blazing the trail that others might follow in your footsteps.

  • Kristina Lord Linde

    Twenty years ago I was blessed in meeting Loreon. Sonia Sierra Wolf introduced me to a walk where I found myself validated and that journey was in studying and pursuing the joys of Isis. Loreon, we celebrate you and the grace that you lived with. Blessed be!

  • carlita martinez

    I can only thank Lady Loreon for the many years of respite she offered me on her special piece of earth where she created Isis Oasis. For so many years I journeyed from the city to her haven where she allowed my body and spirit a place to rest, rejuvenate and rejoice. Her memory is forever held in reverence in my heart.
    My thoughts and prayers immerse her on her new journey. My love and thoughts go out to her family, Leslie and Jamie who introduced me to Loreon so many years ago.
    ….you will be missed…

  • Christina

    Great aunt lorean. She was family, an aunt that always had smiles for me and loved my sister and i with compassion and love. although i didnt know her very well, i know that she loved animals and people with all her heart and had a passion for helping others. Im very sad as well as sorry tht i didnt get to know her very well but i have had so many memories in isis oasis. I remember playing hide and go seek with my sister and my cousins. I remember adventuring through the various enviorments and meeting and feeding all the different types of animals. I remember eating dinner with her at her delicious restraunt and learning that the angel hair pasta was absolutely the best ive ever tasted. The last time i saw her was when she came to hawaii (where i live) and we went out to a restaurant. I never imagined that that day would be the last of her kind and wise face i would ever see again. Rest in peace great aunt lorean. I love you.
    Love, your niece christina

  • http://manafromthemuse.com Mana

    Thank you for such a kind and informative article .
    I loved her deeply and she was a mother figure to me. I had been working with Loreon since 1988 and I am so grateful to have had this grace fill such a large part of my life. I will miss her very much.

  • http://newparadigmastrology.com Kaypacha

    I feel so blessed to have met Lady Loreon and had the pleasure of being married at Isis Oasis! I only regret that I had not met her sooner and gotten to know her better. What a special blessing she was and I hope that her legacy lives on and thrives bringing more love and joy to people, the animals, plants and cosmos too. I feel her energy strongly assisting the new paradigm from the other side…. wonderful! Injoy….. k

  • Samara

    Beloved mother and teacher, she took me in with a smile and a wave of her graceful hand. She had a quick wit, beautiful laugh & her “punny” sense of humor brought a giggle to even the sternest of beings. Her art awed us all, mostly because of its many avenues. Her beloved cats wrapped their furry paws around my heart, never to be set free. I may not be a child of Isis, but I will forever be a daughter of Lady Loreon, great cat priestess.

  • http://no Zarita Muniz Zook

    A few days have gone by now since our Lady Loreon has passed from this earth and into to the Celestial Abode of Isis-A’uwsat. She is walking in the beautiful gardens of heaven free of pain and sorrow, complete and whole, renewed and refreshed. I love you Loreon. z*

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