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Landmarks: The 130-year-old Red Barn

Monday, March 4th, 2013 | Posted by

In the 1880’s Calvin Bosworth built this barn on the Cummings/Hoffman property. The origional color was yellow.

By DEBORAH MITCHEL SERVAL / Geyserville Correspondent

Harry Bosworth, the living oral historian of all things Geyserville, shares the last 130 years of the Red Barn located as Canyon Road ends at Geyserville Avenue.

Now known only as the Red Barn, when Calvin Bosworth built the barn it was originally painted yellow.

The large property once known as the Cummings Property, has changed hands many times. The Cummings of Boston were absentee owners who sold pieces of the property to relatives each time they fell on hard times. Eventually it ended up as a wedding gift to a Cummings girl who married a Hoffman man  of Pennsylvania. Once married they moved west to manage their wedding gift in the 1920’s, now known as the Hoffman property.

Calvin Bosworth was the foreman for the Cummings and built the barn for farm equipment. His building did not end there, he than went on to build his home, now known as the Hoffman House. This was done as a deed sale, and sold back to the Hoffmans when Calvin died.

When the land was divided into properties  the Nervo (now Trione Ranch), Rose (eventually sold to Geyser Peak), and the Bagani families all started growing grapes. The old Bagnani Winery was the originally home of the 4 Monks Wine Vinegar, was first called Italy Industries Corporation. Thinking that was not American sounding, they changed the name to the American Industries Corporation, and Schlitz Company (who bought the Walden Winery now known as Geyser Peak Winery).

The barn, still painted yellow,  stayed with the winery., The property next sold to Henry Trione, who renamed the facility Geyser Peak. At this time in history it was painted red.

As told by Harry Bosworth, Henry Trione sold the whole thing to the Auzzies who than sold it back to Trione, sold two more times eventually being divided with Clos du Bois Winery. Geyser Peak kept the vineyards and Clos du Bois Winery got the Red Barn.

In 130 years the Red Barn still is being used as it was when Calvin built it, to house old buggies, antique farm equiptment and an old school stove that belong to the Geyserville Historical Society and farm equipment for Clos du Bois vineyard.

  • Mary Jo Winter

    Thank you for finding out the history of that big red barn and sharing it. The building has always fascinated me.

    • Deborah Mitchel Serval

      Mary Jo, you have inspired me to write about the Red Barn for the last year!!

  • http://hope-inns.com Cosette Trauman-Scheiber

    It is a terrific landmark.. A great story, absolutely love the old picture with horse and buggies…

  • Mark Thayer

    And now we know the story of a cool old Geyserville building. Thanks, Deborah

    • Deborah Mitchel Serval

      How fun it was to look through old pictures with Harry!!

  • http://www.geyservilleinn.com Dan Christensen Jr

    Excellent Deborah!

    • Deborah Mitchel Serval

      Danny, do you have any memorabilia in the Hoffman House for people to stop and take a look at?

  • Kim Caffrey

    What a great image – oh to be able to hop into that picture! Though I’m sure the classic barn red is less upkeep, it does make a pretty picture in ‘yellow’, and I’ll bet it looked great in spring alongside daffodils, lupines, daisies and the like!

    • Deborah Mitchel Serval

      How about having Harry drive us around in the horse and buggies in the barn??

  • Kim Petersen

    Such a beautiful sight when you come in to Geyserville and amazing history, thanks for all your hard word!

  • Diane bugica

    I was sad that there wasn’t a picture. We are newcomers to geyserville so I’m sure the local people feel the same. It is quite a destination mark. Giving directions to people new in town you always refer to the red barn.

  • http://www.alexandervalleylodge.com Danielle

    Very interesting bit of history on one of our most colorful landmarks.

  • Lorna Opatz

    Surely there lies a great story behind this cool Geyserville landmark I’d ponder on my daily drive-by’s…and now I know thanks to you, Deborah. Great job!

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